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Nordisk Film Foundation

We support talents and encourage the great film story.

The Nordisk Film Foundation is part of the Egmont Foundation and contributes DKK 3.5 million to DKK 5 million annually to the development of the Danish film industry through the following focus areas:

  • Big Polar Bear and Little Polar Bear
  • The Polar Bear Project Aid Scheme
  • The Nordisk Film Foundation Honorary Awards
  • The Polar Bear Author Camp (Signature Project)

Big Polar Bear and Little Polar Bear
We help talents travel the world to develop their skills. Annually, we allocate approx. DKK 1 million to Big Polar Bear (DKK 25,000) and Little Polar Bear (DKK 10,000) as grant portions awarded twice a year.

The Polar Bear Project Aid Scheme
We want to encourage innovation, develop talents and strengthen the great film story. Therefore, we annually provide approximately DKK 1.8 million in financial support projects allocated in grants of DKK 50,000 and DKK 500,000.
Film projects/productions are not supported. Syndicates are preferred (where several actors take part of a project) and preferably multi-year projects.

The Nordisk Film Foundation Honorary Awards
The Nordisk Film Foundation annually gives out the Nordisk Film Award, Erik Balling’s Travelling Grant, the Ove Sprogøe Award and from 2015 the Nordisk Film Award Norway. The support moreover includes the Nordisk Film Foundation Best Child Film and Best Child Actor as well as the Bodil and Robert award shows. The annual allocation to this area is approx. DKK 700,000.

The Polar Bear Author Camp
The Polar Bear Author Camp creates talents of international standing. This signature project is a completely new way to develop talent within script writing. At the Polar Bear Author Camp, everything evolves around the technical script writing. We set the bar high. The Signature Project runs in the period 2014 to 2016, and DKK 3 million have been allocated to this area.