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Nordisk Film Games is a new unit investing in Nordic gaming studios. 

At Nordisk Film Games we invest in Nordic gaming studios.

Do contact us if you have any ideas for good investments, but consult our investment guidelines first.

How we invest:
• We invest in Nordic studios. The Nordic gaming industry now creates four times as much revenue as the Nordic gamers consume. We want to fuel this growth further!

• We do not invest in start ups. If you are a start-up contact a relevant seed investor – but keep us in mind when you start growing.  

• The ideal company for us to invest in has already published a couple of titles with some success, and now the company wants to take it to the next level. 

• We have a preference for core games on PC & Consoles, targeting (somewhat) serious gamers.

• Typically we would take a minority stake for our investment (thus less than 50% ownership). This we do to empower the founders who can remain independent. 

• We would take a seat or two on the board of the companies we invest in.

• We see our role as someone who can challenge & support the companies we invest in, with the aim of creating stronger and healthier gaming studios.   

Contact Nordisk Film Games: Martin Walfisz, Senior Partner or Mikkel Weider Managing Director