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Nordisk Film has been a part of Denmark's film history for more than a 100 years.

In 1906, Ole Olsen founded Nordisk Film in a marsh in Valby. Since then, the company has brought stories to life through film for more than a century.

Ole Olsen was an energetic and imaginative entertainment entrepreneur who had an eye for both the combination of a good story, and the technical innovation needed to create a new industry at the beginning of the century - the film industry. During this time, the movies were silent so they could spread worldwide.

His film empire in the era of silent films, dominated the market before the competitors. Nordisk Film has since then created a raft of popular successes, and incubated many of the talents who have made their mark in both Denmark and internationally.

The overall strategy for Nordisk Film remains the same as when the company was founded: To entertain a broad audience throughout the Scandinavian markets as well as European and overseas markets with original content based on the directors personal signature.

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