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Nordisk Film - part of Egmont

Together, we bring stories to life.

Egmont is one of Scandinavia's leading media companies. We are behind magazines, books, movie theatres, movies, TV, comic books, school books, communities, games and game consoles.

If you take a look on your bookshelf, in the children's nursery, go to the movies, surf the net, watch TV or listen to Danish music, you are certain to find one or more products from an Egmont company.

You find us in Egmont Magazines such as ALT for Damerne, Hjemmet, Euroman og Eurowoman, in Nordisk Film at among others Nordisk Film Biografer, in publishing houses such as Lindhardt og Ringhof, Carlsen and Alinea, in Egmont Serieforlaget, who are behind e.g. Anders And (Danish Donald Duck), Olivia, Basserne, in TV2 Norway and many more companies, all of whom tell good stories.

We publish in more than 30 countries.

The Egmont Foundation's charitable activities

By virtue of the company's construction, Egmont conducts both commercial and charitable activities.

The Egmont Foundation is the mother company. The media company operates under the Egmont banner, while the Egmont Foundation's charitable activities concerns itself with vulnerable children and young people.