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Film Production

Nordisk Film Production produces film and TV series and is involved in approximately 15 films and TV productions in Scandinavia each year and employs 12 producers.

  • Photo: Ian Brodie

    Photo: Ian Brodie

Nordisk Film is the oldest still existing film studio in the world – formerly known as Nordisk Film Kompagni, but operates today under the name Nordisk Film Production. The overall strategy for Nordisk Film Production is the same as when the company was founded: To entertain a broad audience. Nordisk Film Production highly emphasizes talent and diversity and therefore produces feature films, animation films, short films, TV series and TV documentaries to the Scandinavian and international market. The focus is to make films of high quality within free creative frames.

Among the recent titles of Nordisk Film Production you find "A Fortunate Man" (2018) by Bille August, "Blind spot" by Tuva Novotny (2018), "Ditte & Louise" (2018) by Niclas Bendixen, "That Time of Year" (2018) by Paprika Steen, "Before the Frost" (2019) by Michael Noer,"The Guilty" (2018) by Gustav Möller, "Becomming Astrid" (2018) by Pernille Fischer Christensen, "12th man" (2017) by Harald Zwart, "The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear" (2017) by Philip Einstein Lipski, Jørgen Lerdam & Amalie Næsby Fick and the Oscar nominated "Land of Mine" (2015). The TV series "The Team" (2015) and "BECK" (1997-2018) and the films "The Reunion" (2011), "The Reunion – The Funeral" (2014) "The Reunion 3" (2016), Nils Malmros' "Sorrow and Joy" (2013), Tobias Lindholm's "A Hijacking" (2012) and "A War" (2015), , Roni Ezra's "April 9th" (2015), Michael Noer's and Tobias Lindholm's "R" (2010), Michael Noer's "Northwest" (2013) and "Key House Mirror" (2015), Niels Arden Oplev's "Speed Walking" (2014) and the Academy Award nominated Norwegian feature film "Kon-Tiki" (2012).

Nordisk Film Production works with some of the most successful and talented producers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In combination with the strongest administrative competences (Legal, Royalty & Finance), they constitute a strong team across Scandinavia. In total, Nordisk Film Production has 34 employees.

Nordisk Film Production moreover leverages on the competences as a large film studio by being an active co-producer for local and foreign productions. This includes local films such as Christoffer Boes "Sex, Drugs and Taxation" (2013), Erik Clausen's "People Get Eaten" (2015) and"Never Again Tomorrow" (2017) and Lisa Ohlins "Walk With Me" (2016) together with foreign films as James Kent's "Testament of Youth" (2015), Nils Gaup's "The Last King" (2016) and Erik Popper's Oscar nominated "The King's Choice" (2016).

In 2015, Nordisk Film Production launched the talent development initiative Nordisk Film / SPRING with the objective of attracting and retaining the filmmakers of tomorrow in Nordisk Film's Danish division. The ambition is to build a new talent development track in Nordisk Film Production that gets the opportunity to grow mature and form a new generation of filmmakers. Nordisk Film Production's producers and permanent creative collaboration partners are mentors for the young filmmakers in Nordisk Film / SPRING.

As part of the work promoting and developing new talents Nordisk Film moreover supports the alternative Danish film education, Super 16, which is housed in the production settings in Valby.

We wish to provide the best home for both established and new creative talents, whether this is Valby in Copenhagen, Skeppsbron in Stockholm or Nydalen in Norway.

The management of Nordisk Film Production consists of: