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The Nordisk Film Award

The Nordisk Film award was instituted in 1996 by the Nordisk Film Foundation which is part of the Egmont Foundation.

  • Foto: Kristian Septimius Krogh. winner 2017 Fenar Ahmed

    Foto: Kristian Septimius Krogh. winner 2017 Fenar Ahmed

The award size is the age of Nordisk Film times DKK 1,000 (DKK 109,000 in 2015).

The award committee consists of five persons. The Committee of the Nordisk Film Foundation appoints the annual award committee of the Nordisk Film Award, the chairman of the committee and approves the criteria put forward by the committee on how candidates are selected. The award committee is in charge of selecting an award winner.

In 2018, the following committee members were appointed:

  • Mikael Rieks, Producer, chairman of the award committee

  • Lone Scherfig, Director 

  • Lars Mikkelsen, Actor

  • Maren-Louise Käehne, Script Writer

  • Fenar Ahmed, Director and former recipient

  • Marianne Moritzen, Head of Department of FIction at the National Film School of Denmark

The Nordisk Film Award is given for an extraordinary effort within Danish Film. From 2010, it has been a talent award. The purpose of the award is to reward new Danish talents who have made an extraordinary effort to take Danish Film to a higher level either behind or in front of the camera, thus adding something special to the Danish Film environment. The recipient of the award needs to be appreciated for this effort and prospective function as inspiration to others.

The Nordisk Film Award is given at an annual event in Copenhagen. From 2017 the award will be handed out at THE POLAR BEAR awardshow of the Nordisk Film Foundation in november. 

Recipients of the Nordisk Film Award:

  • 2017 - Film Director Fenar Ahmed

  • 2016 - Film Director May el-Toukhy

  • 2015 - Actress Danica Curcic

  • 2014 - Film Director Daniel Dencik

  • 2013 - Film Director Kaspar Munk

  • 2012 - Film Director Omar Shargawi

  • 2011 - Script writer Anders Frithiof August

  • 2010 - Film Directors and Script writers Michael Noer and Tobias Lindholm

  • 2009 - The award was not given

  • 2008 - Film Director Henrik Ruben Genz

  • 2007 - Film Director Peter Schenau Fog

  • 2006 - Film Director Anders Morgenthaler

Moreover, in 2006 the Film Director Nils Malmros received the Nordisk Film Honorary Award on DKK 100,000 in connection to the 100-years anniversary of Nordisk Film

  • 2005 – Script writer and Director Anders Thomas Jensen

  • 2004 – Film Director Jørgen Leth

  • 2003 – Script writers Peter Thorsboe and Stig Thorsboe

  • 2002 – Script writer Mogens Rukov

  • 2001 – Film Director Christopher Boe

  • 2000 – Film Director Erik Clausen

  • 1999 – Film Director Søren Kragh-Jacobsen

  • 1998 – Producer Birgitte Hald

  • 1997 – Film Director Lotte Svendsen

  • 1996 – Film Directors Lars von Trier and Ole Bornedal