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Project Aid Scheme

The Nordisk Film Foundation supports innovative projects in the film industry.

  • Photo: Rokoko

    Photo: Rokoko

The Project Aid Scheme of the Nordisk Film Foundation supports projects from DKK 50,000 and up. Syndicates are preferred as well as multi-year projects. From 2015 we work towards supporting fewer and larger projects.

The objective of the Project Aid Scheme is to support talents within the film industry and through this encourage the great film story. Therefore, we must develop talents who have the competences to solve tomorrow's challenges in relation to the great film story.

We must increase the innovation force in the film industry by supporting projects that implement new ideas and initiatives creating artistic as well as technical value that are focusing on developing talents.

When we process applications, we attach importance to the following

  • The application outlines what kind of innovation the project deals with (what is the innovative aspect, what value can the innovation create and how is it realized).
  • The time period is defined and described.
  • The aims/impact measurements as basis for evaluation are clearly stated in the application and the applicant has described how the evaluation will be conducted.
  • The support makes a difference for our target group and efforts to create new knowledge or methods are anchored and shared, thus making the aid beneficial for talents.

Support is not granted to operations of any kind and single individuals cannot receive the support. Nor is any support provided to commercial film projects/film production.

Applications must apply with their CVR number.

Here you can find the evaluation form (evalueringskema) for the Project Aid Scheme. The evaluation form needs to be send two weeks after project termination at the latest. If your project is running for several years, then status reports are required cf. the payout plan.
Remember that the grant disbursement is based on the information provided by the applicant (grant foundation) which means that changes in the project need to be reported to and approved by the Nordisk Film Foundation to maintain the grant.

Open two times annually.