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The Polar Bear Author Camp

The Polar Bear Author Camp is a project expanding over 4 years that is supposed to strenghten the writing abilities of the writer and ensure the good filmic story telling. 

  • The teachers at the Polar Bear Author Camp: Lone Scherfig, Ole Christian Madsen og Simon Pasternak. Photo: Tina Sørensen

    The teachers at the Polar Bear Author Camp: Lone Scherfig, Ole Christian Madsen og Simon Pasternak. Photo: Tina Sørensen

Normally, the Nordisk Film Foundation supports others to carry out projects. But since 2014, the Nordisk Film Foundation launched initiatives that we believe will benefit the film industry. The Polar Bear Author Camp is the Nordic Film Fund's first signature project.

The goal of The Polar Bear Author Camp is to increase the sum of successful scriptwriters and promote the innovation in the filmic storytelling. This is done in mutual recognition that the filmic storytelling of the future is challenged and therefore requires that our talents find the best of the best in themselves.

48 talented Nordic scriptwriters and writing instructors have been at The Polar Bear Author Camp - a training program that has been held three times, each consisting of two camps and the possibility of a mentor course.

During the camps thorough evaluation was made and the courses was continuously adjusted to create the best possible conditions and inspire participants to break their own boundaries. Focus was placed on quality and innovation to give the authors new ideas, new methods, new technical grips, increased productivity and, for those interested, new potential partners.

The National Film School of Denmark by Tina Sørensen has been responsible for the development and implementation of the education process, together with a strong teaching team, including the instructor and scriptwriter Lone Scherfig and instructor Ole Christian Madsen. New tools, methods and writing exercises have been developed and tested, just as the students have met with psychotherapists, international scriptwriters, and they have experienced the immediate interpretation of the texts by actors.

"It’s a gift that we have been allowed to do the course three times. That doesn’t happen in other programs. Which means, that we’ve been able to adjust from time to time," says Tina Sørensen.

Camp 1 took place from January to March 2015; Camp 2 from November 2015 to February 2016; and Camp 3 from October to December 2016.

A total of DKK 3 million has been allocated to the project incl. development and implementation of three training courses; evaluation; performance and impact measurement; as well as dissemination and anchoring of the new knowledge. We want to gain knowledge about what works and what does not work. The purpose is to make this new knowledge and material available to anyone interested in the area. 

Read more about the output of the Polar Bear Author Camp here (Danish).