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Nordisk Film is part of Egmont, which is Denmark's biggest media group with a workforce of 6,300 and operations in 30 countries. In addition to Nordisk Film, Egmont owns Egmont Publishing, TV 2 in Norway and the publishing house Lindhardt & Ringhof.

Egmont is a commercial foundation with a turnover of DKK 11.6 billion and gives out about DKK 80 million every year to improve the lives of children and youths. Read more about the Egmont Foundation here. The Nordisk Film Foundation contributes DKK 5 million annually to support talents and encourage the great film story. Read more about the Nordisk Film Foundation here.  

The Board of Directors and the Executive Board of Nordisk Film consists of:

Nordisk Film is organised in the following five business units that are represented throughout the Nordic countries. Read more about Nordisk Film's business areas here:

Nordisk Film Cinemas
CEO Asger Flygare Bech-Thomsen

• Nordisk Film Biografer (DK)
• Nordisk Film Kino (NO)
• Nordisk Film Bio (SE) 
• Dansk Reklamefilm (DK)
• Nordisk Film Kino (NO)
• Media Direct (NO)
• Airmagine, digital advertisement at Copenhagen Airport (DK)
• Filmweb (NO) 

Nordisk Film Production
CEO Henrik Zein
• Film production company (DK, NO, SE)
• Talent development track, SPRING, for new filmmakers (DK)
• TV Drama (DK, NO, SE)
Nordisk Film ShortCut 
CEO Mia Bang Stenberg 
• Technical and creative post production (DK, NO)
Nordisk Film Distribution
CEO Kenneth Wiberg 
• Investments in indie films and local Nordic films
• Launching of films (DK, NO, SE), including cinema distribution, digital distribution, DVD/Blue-Ray, TV
• International sale through Trust Nordisk, partly owned by Zentropa
• Dansk Filmskat (DK) 
• Min Bio (DK, NO, SE) 
Nordisk Film Interactive
CEO Suman Rath
• Distribution of Sony PlayStation products across the Nordic countries and in the Baltic countries 
CEO Henrik Ravn
• GoGift (DK, NO, SE, FI)
Partly owned film companies • Zentropa Folket Aps. (DK)
• Solar Films Inc. (FI)
• Maipo AS (NO)
• Avanti Film AB (SE)
• Fridthjof Film A/S (DK)