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Digital Advertisement

Nordisk Film is a leader within sales and distribution of digital advertisement to Danish and Norwegian cinemas as well as the advertisements in Copenhagen Airport.

As the leading cinema chain in Denmark and Norway, Nordisk Film has an extended network of cinemas. Dansk Reklame Film and Media Direct Norway make it possible to commercially exploit the cinema media for exposure of advertisement messages in the unique cinema settings. In addition to production and distribution of digital advertisement to the big screen, products such as sampling, events, foyer spots and a range of analysis and documentation services are also offered.

Dansk Reklame Film is moreover the initiator behind the digital advertisement platform Airmagine that allows advertisers and buyers to buy in on specific target groups via digital screens with motion pictures. Airmagine has created the world's first fully digitalized airport advertisement platform in Copenhagen Airport. A highly technological concept that makes it possible to adapt the advertisement content to the specific target groups that daily passes by some of the more than 400 advertisement screens. Airmagine creates an opportunity for a range of creative, flexible and user-involving solutions specifically after the client's needs.

Dansk Reklame Film has developed unique algorithms that generate thousands of individual advertisement packages every day, ensuring that the advertiser reaches precise target groups whether this being in the cinema or in the airport terminal.