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Nordisk Film / SPRING

SPRING is the talent development division of Nordisk Film Production, and its purpose is to cultivate a new generation of film talents.

With Nordisk Film / SPRING, producer Lina Flint and scriptwriter Emil Nygaard Albertsen are going to build a young and creative film environment at Nordisk Film. This division will provide a framework for a creative, inspiring and playful space for exploring and boosting the passion, innovation, freedom and experimentation of our generation's most promising filmmakers. The ambition is to cultivate creative innovation of processes, form and content of both film and TV series production.

Nordisk Film is dedicated to ensuring Danish film successes in the future and is therefore taking the lead in developing new film talents. This will ensure focus on innovation in film production as well as creation of contacts and lasting relationships with the great filmmakers of tomorrow. Thus, new initiatives will offer an opportunity to shape the future of film production at Nordisk Film and to form a new generation of filmmakers in the Danish film industry.

Lina Flint recently graduated as a producer from The National Film School of Denmark. She has produced the award winning film "The Elite", which is a low budget film. Emil Nygaard Albertsen graduated as a screenwriter from The National Film School of Denmark in 2013 and has written the script for "The Elite".

Other talents in Nordisk Film / SPRING include Thomas Daneskov, who directed "The Elite", Director Gustav Möller, who graduated from The National Film School of Denmark in 2015, as well as animation film director William Reynish.
Nordisk Film / SPRING is currently developing three feature films, two TV series, a documentary and an animated film.

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