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Nordisk Film A/S
Mosedalvej 14
2500 Valby
+45 70 20 21 22

Please contact us whenever needed, but perhaps you can find an answer to the question in the FAQ below.


Cinema You can find cinema FAQ and contact info here
Movies / Distribution / Production Ideas for manuscripts: Before you send your manuskript, please consider whether your idea could have a higher chance of being recognised through other paths, for example, through an education in film, or at a writer's workshop.
If after considering this information, you still want Nordisk Film to know about your idea, please send in a synopsis (3 pages maximum) and your relevant background information.
You can only expect an answer if we are interested in knowing more about your idea.

International sales: For more information or questions regarding release dates outside the Nordic countries, please visit TrustNordisk. Press: Please see press contacts hereRights and sale of clips: Questions are to be send to our Legal Team

Law: Other legal questions can be directed to our Legal Team.  
PlayStation Release dates: please visit www.playstation.dk.

A defective PlayStation product: (If bought in following countries: EU countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland): If you are experiencing difficulties with your product or it suffers from a defect and you have bought such product in one of the above mentioned countries, please contact either our PlayStation Support or any local PlayStation store.
Return handling of a defective product through your local PlayStation store is likely to be the most efficient way as it will relieve you from having to wrap and ship the product yourself.
If you experience any difficulty with returning a defective product to your local Playstation Store, please ask them to contact Nordisk Film's customer service in order to get a return number.

Technical assistance: please contact support.
In Denmark
In Sweden
In Norway
In Finland

Press: please see press contacts here.
Guided tours Book an exciting guided tour at Nordisk Film in Valby. We speak Danish, English and German. For more information, go to Tour at Nordisk Film.
Press Please see press contacts here.
Other Sponsorship: Nordisk Film has decided to support fewer, but larger projects, so unfortunately we do not sponsor charity projects, events and competitions.
Every six months the Nordisk Film Foundation distributes scholarships related to Danish film projects that need financial support. Please visit this link to read more about the Nordisk Film Foundation.

TV: From 2009, Nordisk Film TV is owned by the French company Banijay Entertainment. Vistit Nordisk Film TV's website for more information.

Job: You can see open positions at Nordisk Film here.