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Focus on welfare, development and knowledge sharing

The employer satisfaction comes in at 88 on a scale from 0 to 100 and people are generally proud of working at Nordisk Film. 

At Nordisk Film we know that welfare and performance are related to leadership. All leaders have the will to lead and they are supported by Nordisk Film HR department. We emphasize an open and clear dialogue between employees and leaders in expectations, goals and framework as well as on going feedback in all areas.

When good employees thrive at their workplace they have a higher desire to keep their job. At Nordisk Film we strive to keep our employees and we work towards developing our employees with a 70-20-10 formula:

  • 70 %: New assignments, more responsibility, participation in projects, possibly a new job another place in Nordisk Film or Egmont.

  • 20 %: Through exposure through networks, presentations, coaching, etc.

  • 10 %: through education and courses, e-learning and conferences.

Knowledge sharing is equally as an important part for Nordisk film both in the development of the individual employee and the entire company. We focus on knowledge sharing because all our employees are important ambassadors for our products and because we wish to exploit the synergies occurring across our different areas of business. Every month we host a small info meeting where the management presents the results of the month and different areas of business elaborate on what has happened in their part of the business throughout the month.

We communicate internally through our intranet ‘Workplace’ which is an intranet made by Facebook. We share documents, ideas and information across all of Nordisk Film and the entire corporation Egmont. The platform allows us to easily contact co-workers and share news fast and easy.