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Tips for your application and the job interview

Both your application and the interview is a presentation of yourself and your capabilities.  

When applying for a position, remember that the application is a presentation of you. This means that we notice, what you write and how you put it: What is your motivation for applying for a job with us, and why this particular position? What are your interests, and what do you want to do?

Many applicants repeat their entire résumé in their application, but that is a misunderstanding. Try instead mentioning a few relevant points from your résumé and combining them with answers for the questions above. Your application should be no more than one page long. Please remember to note which position you are applying for, and repeat your contact details on your application.

Résumé (CV)

Your résumé must be organized and straight-forward. The information must be put in chronological order, starting with the most recent details. 

You must include all personal information. Also included should be your earlier positions, the tasks and results you have performed in your former jobs. This includes volunteer work. We would also like information on your education, including which schools you have attended. If you have taken any relevant courses, please note them on the résumé. 

We assume that you are familiar with the MS Office package, but we would also like to know if you have any extra skills in other programs and systems. When mentioning your language skills, please inform us of the level of your skill. A personal photograph is not necessary.

You are not required to include credentials, grades or certificates in your résumé. If you are invited to go further in the interview process, we may ask to see them. We will keep your application and résumé in our recruiting system for six months.

Job interview

When arriving for an interview, be on time. We are often interviewing several candidates in one day and have a schedule to keep. You do not need to wear your best outfit, simply dress in nice, regular clothes. 

We are kind and relaxed people, so try to relax and be yourself as much as possible. Your nervousness could inhibit your presentation of yourself. We expect you to be prepared for the interview; this means that you are expected to have read about Nordisk Film in advance, thought about what you want to do, and what your plans are for the future. 

The first interview will last for about an hour, and typically, the head of the relevant department will participate along with an HR consultant. The final candidates will go on to do a personality analysis.