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Why Nordisk Film?

Nordisk Film creates stories – tales are created by people. We bring stories to life!

At Nordisk Film the values passion and ambition walks hand in hand. We are passionate about our products and we strive to give our customers the best experience possible - whether we are producing or brining fil to the market, selling PlayStation or experiences, handling the finances or welcoming guests to our theaters. In other words: We strive to do our job well. We develop and challenge our ambitious goals In accordance to the overall goals of Nordisk Film. In this manner we are all together in taking responsibility for and contribute to the presence and future of Nordisk film – and we are proud of it!

We have yet another value – spaciousness. With spaciousness we welcome diversity and space to grow through negotiation, which means that we sometimes make mistakes, but we always learn from them.

At Nordisk Film you will meet all types of people. The median age is approximately 35 years and the diversity in age is big – we range from 15 years in the movie theaters to people who are late in their 60’s and we are almost equally distributed between men and women.

Every year we hand out the Ole Olsen award to an employee and a team who through the year have done some tremendous work. At Nordisk Film we are proud of the effort of our employees and teams and we believe it should be valued and appreciated.

Nordisk Film is a workplace that a lot of people wish to work at, but also return to: 

NB: We are not accepting unsolicited applications at the moment.

Please contact us for further information.