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A Funny Man and Melancholia receives prestigious Danish film awards.

Saturday night the Bodil Awards was held for the 65. time in Copenhagen. Both A Funny Man and Melancholia received praise and two Bodilstatues each.

  • Lee Kaas at the Bodil Awards. Photo: Kjeld Navntoft.

    Lee Kaas at the Bodil Awards. Photo: Kjeld Navntoft.

"It is rare coincidence, when a film's quality and the quality of the performance from its leading actor's are so completely united, as in this film about a beloved comedian on a collision course towards tragedy."

That was part of the reasoning why Nikolaj Lie Kaas deserved this year's Bodil award for Best Actor for his convincing performance in A Funny Man. He receipted with a sarcastic comment directed at Lars Ranthe, who shortly before had won the award for Best Supporting Actor:

"Thanks to my partner, Lars Ranthe. He was too polite to thank me when he won his Bodil. Thank you. I got myself a good friend."

Melancholia: Original genius

However, It was not only Morten Zandvliets portrait film of Dirch Passer, that dominated the evening. Lars von Trier's Melancholia also received two awards. Melancholia was given the award for this year's Best Danish film. The Bodil Committee chose to reward Lars von Trier for his "original geniality, which inscribes Melancholia in his visual work of art that can only thrive, if it is constantly breaking the boundaries of film."

Beautiful words for a beautiful film. Melancholia also brought home a Bodil for photographer, Manuel Alberto Claro, a Bodil for his breathtaking images in the film.

Last but not least Lene Maria Christensen received the honor of Best Supporting Actress for her stunning performance in Pernille Fischer Christensen's A Family.All in all a fantastic Bodil night where Nordisk Film was well represented.