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Armadillo selected for Toronto Film Festival

The Danish war documentary, which is a critics' favorite and recently received international praise in Cannes, will now open in North America at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival.

'Armadillo' has been selected for the international documentary series Reel to Real. Nordisk Film's international sales company, TrustNordisk, is already negotiating with several possible North American distributors of the movie.

The movie is directed by Janus Metz and tells the story of young soldiers and their loss of innocence during the war in Afghanistan. The movie is a journey into the minds of the young soldiers, and an attempt to uncover what is means to be at war. In the guise of a character-driven, psychological drama, 'Armadillo' examines how politics meets reality, when the international society's intentions of democracy and development collide with the grim face of war.

In Denmark, the movie has already been seen by more than 110,000 in just 8 weeks, being the next-bestselling Danish documentary ever. The movie is still in theaters nation-wide and the interest to see 'Armadillo' is continuous.

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is the biggest festival in North America and is visited by 300,000 guests annually – including many important American and Asian movie buyers. The Festival runs from September 9 to 19, 2010. More info on the festival http://tiff.net/thefestival.

'Armadillo' is produced by Ronnie Fridthjof and Sara Stockmann for Fridthjof Film in cooperation with Kasper Torsting, who is one of the ideamakers behind the movie. The movie is produced with support from The Danish Film Institute and TV2/Danmark, and is distributed by Nordisk Film Distribution.