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European Film Awards 2011

Last weekend Nordisk Film celebrated a great triumph at this year's European Film Awards, an award show called the European Oscars by many.

Main Awards for Denmark
Danish film had a magnificent time in Berlin, where the 24th European Film Award was celebrated.

Susanne Bier won the award Best Director for her magnificent drama In a better World, and Lars von Trier's touching Melancholia won the award for best film of the year – worth mentioning, it was competing with Oscar-darling, King's great Speech.

Also, Melancholia's Manuel Alberto Claro won for best photography and Jette Lehmann for best set design.

And as if that was not enough, Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen was honored with the honor award, European Achievement in World Cinema 2011, for his overall performances in movies through time. Amongst others Mikkelsen has played the main character in After the Wedding and Open Hearts – both Zentropa productions distributed by Nordisk Film.

Delighted Zentropa boss
Director of Zentropa, Peter Aalbaek Jensen, was very pleased with the outcome of the award show. Though he was not surprised about Melancholia winning best film of the year:

"It is people inside the industry who have been voting, and they go for the total experience in which images, editing, audio and staging plays together in a synthesis, and there, Melancholia is like candy," he said.

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