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First Nordic film in 3D: The Olsen gang

Nordisk Film were the first to produce a Danish sound film, followed by the first Danish colour film, and now proudly present the first Danish 3D film.

One of Danish Film histories greatest icons, the Olsen gang, reunites, and not only that! "The Olsen Gang on polished floors" will be the first Nordic film ever in 3D (must be seen with 3D glasses)

Nordisk Film thus stays in line with its groundbreaking tradition of being "first with the newest" in Denmark. Nordisk Film created the first Danish Sound film, "The Vicar in Vejlby", directed by George Schéevoigt in 1931, and in 1956 the first Danish colour films, "Kispus" and "Qivitoq", both directed by Erik Balling. Once again, now, Nordisk Film is first in line – and what comes more natural than the Olsen Gang, if any, a symbol of the strength in Danish film tradition.

"It is with great pleasure we re-introduce the Olsen gang as our first 3D initiative. They are the greatest film brand in Denmark ever, and will now be brought up to date in a completely new form. However, we stay loyal to the original popular characters, as well as the notorious humour and social satire.

The Olsen gang could be compared to cartoon characters: Always wearing the same suits, and never getting hurt, even when a bomb explodes right next to them. They just dust off the dirt and continue with whatever they were doing. So it's almost like stealing cookies from children, to do a 3D animation, and thus make it even more alive", says Jan Lehmann, director of Nordisk Film Biograf Distribution.

A strong team behind the film
Naturally, the first Danish 3D film will be produced by an experienced crew. "The Olsen gang on polished floors" will be co-produced by A Film, with director Jørgen Lerdam heading the team. Jørgen has previously directed "Jungledyret Hugo", and the "Peddersen & Findus" Series, as well as being involved in almost all previous successes from A Film.

The script is made by Nikolaj Peyk, the man behind "Østkyst Hustlers", as well as several comedy scripts, such as "Jul på Vesterbro", with Anders Matthesen. Producer is Tomas Radoor from Nordisk Film, who has worked with comedies such as "Oldboys" and "Parterapi", but also the renown, award winning documentary, "Ghosts of Cité Soleil".

The most important voices are convincingly delivered by, amongst others, Martin Buch (Snobberne) as Egon, Nikolaj Kopernikus as Benny, and Esben Pretzman(drengene fra Angora) as Kjeld. Annette Heick is the obvious choice for Yvonne.