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Football: LIVE via satellite to the large screens of the cinemas.

Monday next at 13:30, Nordisk Film Biografer opens the doors to a unique football experience, when transmitting live, and in 3D, the World Championship football match between Denmark and Holland.

In cooperation with EUTELSAT, a new football experience has reached the country (Denmark)! Lately, we have shown many 3D films, and the intense experience has been well received by the audience. Modern technology has now enabled us to move one step further, and show LIVE events in 3D. What could be more suitable than Denmark's opening match at the World Championship.

The technology is brand new and a first in Denmark, transmitting LIVE via satellite to the large screens of the cinemas.

Abroad, the audiences have experienced for instance Real Madrid – Barcelona, and the closing match of French Open has also been transmitted in 3D. The experience is well known from movies, where 3D creates a much more intense and attentive atmosphere. And the border has far from been reached, by transmitting sport events.

Concerts, theater and many other events are approaching

"Actually, only the imagination set the borders", says Jacob Elkjær-Hansen. "The combination of LIVE and 3D gives a most lively impression of being there yourself, simultaneously sharing your experience with other cinema goers". Nordisk Film Biografer plans to introduce more WC football matches, as well as other events and entertainment events in the future.

Imperial is ready to deliver a great experience next Monday! Usually a visit to the cinema is a quit and immersive film experience. But when watching football you are, off course, welcome to cheer and have a drink, while enjoying the hopefully good moods and grand atmosphere.