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MUBI: the world of film in your PlayStation 3

Nordisk Film Interactive reveals MUBI, an online streaming service, which brings you the wonderful world of film straight to your private cinema in your PlayStation 3.

Can it cook, can it walk the dog? Are some of the questions you want to ask Nordisk Film Interactive as they once again reveals yet another exciting function to PS3. This fall, PS3 owners will be given access to MUBI, a fantastic new online film library, welling with acclaimed independent films, and other classics which are available to you by Video On Demand.

MUBI is a free PS3 application, you can download it from PlayStation Network, thereby securing you access to the forever growing film catalogue on MUBI.

You will find films that are free to watch, and films you can rent on a weekly basis using par-per-view – and hopefully you will be tempted to watch all the films you like through a monthly subscription.

PS3-owners should be rewarded
"It takes a huge amount of work to make a VOD service. But we make it our business to work hard to give the PS3-owners access to great services exclusive to them," says Mette Buhl, marketing manager, Nordisk Film Interactive.

The Nordic countries are among the first countries in Europe to get access to the filmic treats at MUBI.

In general the PS3 has been a challenging product to market, and early on Nordisk Film Interactive learned that customers are overwhelmed by the many functions the tiny machine holds.

"When we launched the PS3, we experienced, that the customers could not take it all in at once. Therefore our strategy now is to release news a little at a time to avoid any information overload," says Mette Buhl.

Besides MUBI a new and broader Video Download Service (VDS) is on the way for the Nordic PS3-owners. The service is currently available in America, but a launch date in the Nordic countries is still not set.

At first MUBI will be launched this fall in Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia and New Zealand.