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Moroccan Film Award for Nordisk Film

Saturday night, Frederikke Aspöck's debut feature film Out of Bounds triumphed at this year's Marrakech International Film Festival as the winner of the main award, the Grand Prix.

Marrakech International Film Festival was first held in 2000 and is one of the biggest film events in Morocco. Gradually, the festival has gained more and more international attention, partly because of its ability to attract names such as Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, David Lynch and Susan Sarandon.

Exotic blizzards

The subtle, psychological drama is produced and distributed by Nordisk Film, and already in Spring it received international praise at its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

Thomas Heinesen, Producer of the award-winning film, explains why a nordic film like Out of Bounds can become such a success in Africa:

"Out of Bounds takes place on a windy and cold island in the North with only three people and nowhere to hide. The simplicity makes the conflicts between those three stand out very clearly, adding the movie a kind of universal human value many can relate to – also across cultures. Not to mention that a big blizzard is exotic to people from that part of the world."

The plot

A desolate, windswept island. Stella and Oskar, a young couple, visit her father Nathan, who lives a lone life in the company of his labrador dog. Stella is pregnant and looking forward to the birth of her baby, but Oskar appears to be in doubt. When Oskar falls prey to Nathan's provocations and feels bewildered by the relationship between father and daughter, a clash between the two men is inevitable and Stella is caught in between.

Out of Bounds premieres in Denmark at CPH:PIX in April 2012.
After that, the movie will be released on DVD and VOD.