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NF Live presents: Hey Jude

Nordisk Film has established a new business area named NF Live, which will henceforth concentrate on producing live entertainment to a wide audience. The first production is the theater concert Hey Jude.

Nordisk Film is one of the largest entertainment companies and therefore sees live entertainment as a natural expansion area. NF Lives repertoire will be founded on a philosophy of producing large commercial setups of high artistic quality. They must have the potential to reach a wide audience, preferably also outside Denmark.

Largest theater concert ever

NF Lives first production, Hey Jude, is the largest Danish theater concert ever with an audience-building of 4,200 seats to each performance. The show is a sequel to the mega success of "Come Together" at Gasworks Theatre, which three years ago sold no less than 160,000 tickets since they were the first in the world who were allowed to rearrange the Beatles most beloved classics.

Now the success continues when the team behind "Come Together" in cooperation with Nordisk Film creates a whole new theatrical concert, which is based on the Beatles huge amount of hits. NF Live has secured Mr. Theatre Concert himself, Nikolaj Cederholm, as director and assembled a star cast with such Pernille Rosendahl, Jimmy Jørgensen, Cecilie Stenspil, Troels Lyby and Mark Linn in the cast. This allows the audience to look forward to experiencing some of Denmark's best singers and actors.

An Intergenerational experience

"At the concerthall, Forum, the audience is about to discover 30 new classics dressed in new costumes and interpreted in a show that evokes all senses. We invite the audience to a festival of colours, good music and amazing effects. We promise that it will be a surprising and dynamic show with ever-changing moods and images. Hey Jude is aimed at all who can bear to hear loud music. Beatles fans, theater concert fans and all those who do not know anything about the whole thing yet, children 12 and grandparents of 90. In other words: Hey Jude embraces the whole family and becomes an intergenerational experience that speaks to one's taste for music and life in general - regardless of age," says Nikolaj Cederholm.

Behind the scenes, the NF Live and Nikolaj Cederholm secured some of the best and most experienced forces that have worked with theater tickets in Denmark. Jens and Peter Hellemann are doing the musical arrangements of the 30 Beatles songs. The two, along with Nikolaj Cederholm previously created successes as Gasolin', Come Together, Beach Boys, Bob Dylan and most recently Mozart, and now, along with the rest of the team surpass themselves in an imaginative and colorful setting that breaks boundaries for former theater concerts on Danish soil.

Hey Jude premieres December 28th 2012 and plays at the Forum until January 15th 2013. Tickets can be ordered at billetlugen.dk/heyjude