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Nils Malmros' SORROW AND JOY in Rome Film Festival's main competition

Rome Film Festival has officially selected Nils Malmros' SORROW AND JOY to be one of the titles participating in the festival's international competition.

  • Photo: Martin Dam

    Photo: Martin Dam

Written by: Alexandra Emilia Kida/TrustNordisk

Last time Rome Film Festival selected a Danish title in the main competition was back in 2010, where Susanne Bier's Academy Award®-winner IN A BETTER WORLD was screened.

SORROW AND JOY, which will celebrate its world premiere at a red carpet-galla on the evening of November 11th, is Nils Malmros' 11th feature film.

Nils Malmros is one of Scandinavia’s most significant directors – one of the most renowned auteurs Denmark has. The formally educated physician is self-taught and famous for his perfectionism and his unique talent for using his own life and experiences as a stepstone for storytelling. His feature films mark milestones in Danish filmmaking and count amongst others THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE (1981), which was officially selected for Cannes Film Festival 1982, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, which was officially selected for Berlin International Film Festival, (1983), ÅRHUS BY NIGHT (1989), PAIN OF LOVE (1992), which was selected for Main Competition at the Berlinale, the novel adaption BABARA(1997), which was also nominated for a Golden Bear in Berlin, FACING THE TRUTH (2002) and ACHING HEARTS (2009). Nils Malmros has received several Bodil’s (Danish Film Critic’s Award) and Robert’s (Danish Film Academy Awards), and in 2005 he received the honorary award at Copenhagen International Film Festival.

In SORROW AND JOY filmmaker Johannes and his wife, schoolteacher Signe, experience the biggest sorrow and misfortune one can ever imagine. Nevertheless, in all the hopelessness they must try to reach for mutual and mature love in order to continue life after death. Director Nils Malmros is one of Danish films most significant personalities and during the last forty years his characters have always had a strong autobiographical element. Being his most personal film to date, SORROW AND JOY is no exception.