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Nordisk Film Live and Big City Brains presents: H.C. ANDERSEN

Nordisk Film Live is proud to present this year's performance: H.C. ANDERSEN - A magical adventure show for the whole family.

Nordisk Film Live this time teams up with Steen Koerner and his production company Big City Brains. Together they are creating a magnificent adventure show from seven of HC Andersen's best stories. The world famous fairytales come to life in a magical world of theater, dance, 3D animations and newly written songs. Tivoli was H.C. Andersen's favorite garden and the place where he wrote "The Nightingale" after he witnessed the garden's opening night. Therefore, it is obvious that H.C ANDERSEN is set in the Tivoli Concert Hall, where the show has its world premiere on Tuesday, September 3rd this year and plays until October 27th.

Director Steen Koerner has previously been behind huge successes like Cykelmyggen Egon (120,000 tickets sold), The Nutcracker (150,000 tickets sold and winner of a Reumert Award) and Vampyren Pjerrot. Steen Koerner’s interpretations are ahead of their time in their blend of the classic and the modern. H.C. Andersen's original texts set the framework when 15 world-class artists enter the stage in a magnificent digital video scenography. The show consists of: "The Little Match Girl", "Clumsy Hans," "The Nightingale," "Sweethearts," "Princess and the Pea," "The Emperor's New Clothes" and "The Ugly Duckling". And they are told in a way that they’ve never been told before.

In short: It’s the world's best and most classic fairy tale in a spectacular and modern stage show.

Steen Koerner says about the setup:
- "It is the best stories and the best team I've ever worked with. We've hand-picked 15 artists from around the world and it's not every day a team with so much class is assembled on Danish soil. They will play against a cutting-edge digital scenography, which will without any doubt take your breath away. In this way, we combine all the classic and amazing aspects of H.C Andersen's fairy tales, with the most modern visual effects. I delude myself that we can fold H.C. Andersen's fairytale world out in a poetic, contemporary and imaginative way that has never been seen before."

Steen Koerner and the Big City Brains international artist list has once again secured a fantastic team. New circus artist Valerie Inertie from Canada has previously toured with Cirque du Soleil and has won awards at the prestigious Monte Carlo Festival. Break-dancer Cico from Italy, has won competitions all over the world, while Danish Cecilie Lassen and Tina Højlund both have been ballerinas at the Royal Danish Ballet. In addition, the team has been joined by names like actor and electric boogie dancer Josephine Raahauge, Manda Rydmann (Sweden), Anders Astrup, Rico Coker, Daniel "Sonic" Rojas, "Popping-John" Austin (USA) and others.

Nordisk Film Live feels pride and joy at the opportunity to make a new big show involving H.C. Andersen's fairytale world. Director Frederik Juul at Nordisk Film Live says:
- "We are pleased to present H.C ANDERSEN to the audience. H.C. Andersen and his fairytales have always been an important and ever-present part of our common culture. Something we as Danes can be proud of. We want to create an adventure show that parents and grandparents will be proud to take their children and grandchildren to experience and which will entertain across age groups. With Steen Koerner as producer I know it will succeed. He is renowned for challenging the theater medium, and I'm sure it will be both magical and meaningful. "

That H.C. ANDERSEN is set in the Tivoli Concert Hall is not a coincidence. Frederik Juul continues:
- When I take the family to Tivoli, The Flying Trunk is one of the rides we always try. When some of of H.C. Andersen's best stories are told in a compressed form, all the many emotions are awakened from the time you first heard them and you understand what an indescribable skilled storyteller he was. That we can help to give the stories a whole new life in Tivoli, which was HC Andersen's favorite garden, is fantastic. We look forward to letting people into the magical fairytale universe in the Tivoli Concert Hall from 3 September to 27 October.

The music is created by Jesper Mechlenburg. 4 new songs written by the musician and multi-talented Kristian Leth, the innovative video set design is produced by the artist group Din Mor, and the costumes are created by Astrid Lynge Ottesen. Both Astrid and Jesper worked on Cykelmyggen Egon.

H.C. ANDERSEN is the first show presented by Nordisk Film Live since the audience success  HEY JUDE that sold 58,000 tickets in the Forum in Copenhagen.

Tickets for H.C. ANDERSEN are sold from today at. 10.00 on Billetlugen.dk and at the Tivoli Ticket Office. With the purchase of the ticket you get free admission to Tivoli in the high season. Discount are given on tickets for children under the age of 11.