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Nordisk Film acquires Sandrew Metronome’s Danish movie catalogue

On 1 January 2011 Nordisk Film adds another 130 Danish movie titles to their extensive catalogue of classics. Nordisk Film takes over Sandrew Metronome's own Danish movie titles and thereby the responsibility of distributing and maintaining the movies.

Sandrew Metronome's own Danish movie catalogue contains titles such as "Baronessen fra benzintanken", "Drengene fra Sankt Petri", "Frøken Nitouche", "Mig og Charly", "Den eneste ene" and the "Min søsters born"-movies. In the future, Nordisk Film will handle distribution on DVD, TV and digital media.

Director of Nordisk Film Distribution, Kenneth Wiberg, says: "We are looking forward to distributing all these movies and work with each title the way we work with all the other movies in our catalogue which contains more than 3000 titles across the Nordic countries.

Nordisk Film is an experienced distributor of catalogue titles, first and foremost on television and the digital distribution universe. The new titles complement our existing catalogue perfectly. In addition, they are part of the Danish movie treasure which we of course have an obligation to take good care of. We have great expertise in this field as we have gently restored a large number of our movies during the past six years."

Managing Director of Sandrew Metronome, Kim Vestergaard, says: "These titles are part of the old Danish movie treasure and I am pleased that Nordisk Film will continue to take care of them in the same proffessional way they do with their other titles. During many years, they have proven to be viable and it my hope that Nordisk Film will continue their restoration work that Sandrew Metronome has carried out for many years with great success."


Kenneth Wiberg
Director of Nordisk Film Distribution
Telefon +45 21 70 12 08

Irene Brandt
Communications Manager
Nordisk Film
Telefon +45 40 11 67 16

Kim Vestergaard
Managing Director
Sandrew Metronome
Telefon +45 40 84 66 54