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Nordisk Film adjusts post production to digital reality

In order to follow market needs in a film business undergoing speedy digitization, Nordisk Film now adjusts its post production. Therefore the closing of Nordisk Film Post Production Stockholm by the end of 2011 are being negotiated with the employees. Nordisk Film will continue to deliver all kinds of post production services to customers in all of Scandinavia.

The digitization of film production, distribution and projection means that the demand for analogue post-work and lab services is declining rapidly.

Nordisk Film has decided that the best way to serve the Scandinavian customers is to gather all analogue lab-work in Copenhagen. As a consequence negotiations are initiated regarding the closing of all activities in Nordisk Film Post Production Stockholm by the end of 2011.

Ulrik Rasch, General Manager Operations in Nordisk Film, says:

"In times of change, you have to adapt to market conditions. We want to ensure that our post production remains in the forefront of the digital development. "

A closing of Nordisk Film Post Production Stockholm will be a gradual phase-out in order to cover the current demand in the Swedish market. The main priority in 2010-2011 is to maintain a normal production level.

Ulrik Rasch adds:
"There is no doubt that Nordisk Film will continue to be an effective one-stop-partner for all kinds of post production services. We are simply adjusting our business, so that our capacity for analogue as well as digital services meets market demands."

A closing of Nordisk Film Post Production Stockholm unfortunately means that all employees will be dismissed.

Post production i Nordisk Film today consists of Nordisk Film Shortcut in Denmark, Nordisk Film Shortcut in Sweden and Nordisk Film Shortcut in Norway, which is run in partnership with Storm Studios. After 2011, all analogue post production will be handled in Nordisk Film Shortcut in Copenhagen.

Nordisk Film is a company in the Egmont Group and the leading Nordic developer, producer and distributor of creative content in movies, games, and music. Nordisk Film holds the Nordic distribution rights to Sony PlayStation and owns movie theaters in Denmark and Norway. Nordisk Film also supplies production and post-production facilities to a number of Nordic film companies. In 2009, Nordisk Film generated total revenue of EUR 445 million. The company employs a staff of 1,100 in the Nordic region.

Ulrik Rasch
General Manager Operations
Nordisk Film
Phone: +45 40 45 57 31