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Nordisk Film hires experienced boss in Sweden

Calle Marthin takes up position as head of Nordisk Film Production Sweden. His task will be to bolster Nordisk Film’s production of films and TV series with great audience potential.

Nordisk Film’s own production company, Nordisk Film Production, strengthens the organisation. The aim is to secure the production of commercial films and TV projects. That is why Calle Marthin has now been appointed to this newly established post. 

Since 2016, Calle Marthin has been a feature film adviser at the Swedish Film Institute. He has previously worked as a producer, screenwriter and director, and is the creator of TV series such as Bonusfamiljen (The bonus family)and Våra vänners liv (Our friends’ lives), both of which have won the top prize for best dramatic series. His has worked Sweden’s Television Drama, Swedish Film Industry and has also been a publisher at Wahlström & Widstrand in the Bonnier media group.

Calle Marthin has been appointed as manager and creative director to make Nordisk Film in Sweden a hub for Swedish film. The aim is to encourage screenwriters and directors to turn to Nordisk Film as an employer and client. Nordisk Film Sweden intends to become the natural first choice to go to with your ideas. 

”Nordisk Film will become a magnet to attract the best creative minds. We aim to make movies with a ‘Broad Appeal & Personal Signature’ and to ensure that we continuously produce high-quality commercial films for a wide audience. That’s why I am delighted that Calle Marthin has said yes to joining us. With his extensive experience in Swedish film and TV, and his energy that rubs off on everyone around him, he is the natural choice to lead our venture in Sweden”, says Henrik Zein, CEO of Nordisk Film Production.

“It feels fantastic to work with Nordisk Film, the world’s oldest and one of Scandinavia’s biggest film production companies. With the best directors and most astute screenwriters, we aim to make movies for a wide audience - movies that put the story at the centre. We want to provide the audience with laughter and tears, excitement and recognition. In other words, we aim to tell stories that move people”, says Calle Marthin.

Calle Marthin will take up his post on 1 September 2018.