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Nordisk Film increases focus on film production

Nordisk Film has hired Lars Grarup as Development Director in order to drive the development process forward in the film producing companies. The appointment underlines Nordisk Film´s ambition to be one of the most successful film producers in Europe.

  • Lars Grarup

    Lars Grarup

As of August 1st, Lars Grarup will take the position as Development Director for the film producing units, which includes Nordisk Film's own film production and the nine other Nordic partner companies.

All together, Nordisk Film and its nine partner companies produce from 20 to 25 new feature films each year. This makes Nordisk Film one of the largest film producers in Europe.

Allan Hansen, CEO of Nordisk Film, says:

"Making movies is the very nerve in Nordisk Film, and we have the size and the ambition to bring our movies to the next level - the challenges of the market notwithstanding. For a long time, the film industry has been limited by traditional thinking. We must rethink our business, and follow the consumers across all the different media they already use. Lars Grarup has extensive industry knowledge and a sharp eye for development potential. He is the right person to assist Nordisk Film's film producing companies in making the right strategic choices."

Versatility is key
Lars Grarup is one of Scandinavia's most renowned media capabilities. He comes from a position as Media Director in DR (The Danish National Broadcaster), where he was responsible for drama production and DR's engagement in Danish and Nordic feature films.

Lars Grarup's primary task is to assist the film producing companies in sharpening their strategic development of strong Nordic films that have the potential to move beyond national borders. An important development area in the film industry right now is the production of drama series for television. With his vast experience in developing TV drama, this will also naturally be a focus area for Lars Grarup. In addition to this, he will ensure the development of projects that work across media platforms.

Lars Grarup is looking forward to working together with the film companies:

"In a film environment with high quality standards and scarce resources it is essential to choose the right projects and ensure versatility across genre and media platforms. I look forward to working closely together with the film companies in optimizing their development plans and identifying further potential. At the same time, I believe we have a lot of good talent and resources that may come into play across Nordisk Film and the Egmont Group."

NORDISK FILM is a company in the Egmont Group and the leading Nordic developer, producer and distributor of creative content in movies, games, and music. Nordisk Film holds the Nordic distribution rights to Sony PlayStation and owns movie theaters in Denmark and Norway. Nordisk Film also supplies production and post-production facilities to a number of Nordic film companies. In 2009, Nordisk Film generated total revenue of EUR 445 million. The company employs a staff of 1,100 in the Nordic region.