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Nordisk Film opens new cinema in Field's

Denmark's best multiplex cinema opens in Field's, when Nordisk Film Biografer in the autumn of 2014 opens the doors to a new large modern 9-screen cinema. The cinema will be among the largest in Denmark with 1,500 seats and giant screens in all rooms. In addition there will be the latest picture and sound technology and a level of comfort that is known only from abroad.

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Nordisk Film Biografer are proud to open a cinema in Field's. It is attractive to open a cinema in one of Scandinavia's largest shopping centers, with its strong super-regional market position and vibrant and energetic profile that matches the ideal of Nordisk Film Biografer.

"With the location in Ørestad and the unique transportation options for specially Metro, train and car and close to places like Ørestad Gymnasium, the upcoming Super Arena and other visionary buildings in the area a cinema is optimally positioned to welcome guests from Copenhagen and Zealand, and we look forward to setting new standards for cinematic experience," says John Amund Tønnes, Managing Director at Nordisk Film Biografer.

In the cinema there will be installed the latest digital imaging and the audio system will be one of the largest permanent sound systems that can deliver the best possible experience. Guests will in the new cinema be able to see all big premiere movies and also experience other events and special shows with particular satellite broadcasts of shows, ballet, opera, concert, sport and other major events.

Lotte Eiskjær Andersen, Centre Manager of Field's, comments: "We are looking forward to a great and beautiful cinema in Field's. A top modern cinema will help to strengthen our market position further, and we are excited to offer this to our customers and offer them an even better experience when they visit Field's. With Nordisk Film as a partner, we are confident to provide our guests the best cinematic experience, and it has been a key argument for the choice of partner.”

The construction is expected to begin this spring, and the theater is expected to open in the fall / winter of 2014. It is designed by C.F. Moller's architectural practice.