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Nordisk Film starts new digital company in Sweden

Nordisk Film and Norwegian post-production company Storm Studios AS have now entered into agreement to establish a new, joint company in Sweden that will cover all aspects within digital post-production work on film and TV productions.

Digital developments and the introduction of digital technology in cinemas mean that there is now a new market situation, with new technology and new conditions of competition in the film industry.

Given this new situation, Nordisk Film and Norwegian company Storm Studios have agreed to join forces to establish a new company in Sweden under the name Nordisk Film Shortcut AB. The company will focus exclusively on digital production, with analogue post-production work in future to be carried out by Nordisk Film Shortcut in Denmark.

With the new company, two experienced partners in the Scandinavian market are combining their competencies in order to stand strong in the face of increased competition in the Swedish market.

Nordisk Film has business activities within post-production in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and occupies a leading position in this field. In Norway, since 2010 Nordisk Film and Storm Studios have enjoyed strong and close cooperation through their joint company Nordisk Film Shortcut AS.

Ulrik Rasch, Managing Director for Nordisk Film Shortcut, says: "The future is digital and we wish to build on our already close cooperation with Storm Studios by extending our joint activities into the Swedish market. By combining our competencies, we have the optimal opportunity to supply the entire value chain within post-production in Sweden."

Kristin Hellebust, General Manager of Storm Studios, adds: "The market trend in our sector is towards greater consolidation. The key here is to bring together the strongest possible competencies. With our new, joint company we have every opportunity to achieve success as a post-production centre. Therefore we have very high expectations of the partnership we have now entered into with Nordisk Film."

The new company, Nordisk Film Shortcut AB, will be headquartered in Eriksberggatan in Stockholm. Nordisk Film Shortcut AB is expected to become fully operational on 19 September 2011. The head of the new company is Hans Vermeij.

Nordisk Film has majority shareholding in Nordisk Film Shortcut AB.

The new company will focus primarily on feature films, TV productions, and short and documentary films for the Swedish market. The company will be able to manage the entire digital pipeline - from receiving and processing files from the set through grading, vfx and online to mastering and distribution of digital formats. In addition, the company will be able to offer Scandinavia's biggest and best facilities for colour grading.

For further information, please contact:

Ulrik Rasch, CEO, Nordisk Film Shortcut, tel.: +45 40455731
Kristin Hellebust, general manager, Storm Studios AS, tel.: +47 92285656
Irene Brandt, head of communications, Nordisk Film, tel.: +45 40116716

Storm Studios is a VFX and animation studio that shares premises with Nordisk Film Shortcut in Oslo. The company provides a range of services covering everything from concept development, VFX on-set supervision, animation and VFX production. The company has a staff of 16 and in 2010 had turnover of NOK 15 million.

NORDISK FILM, part of the Egmont group, is the Nordic region's leading developer, producer and distributor of creative content within film, music and games. Nordisk Film holds the Nordic rights for the distribution of Sony PlayStation and owns cinemas in Denmark and Norway. In addition, Nordisk Film provides production and post-production facilities for a great many Nordic film companies. In 2010, Nordisk Film had a total turnover of EUR 383 million. The company has 1,100 staff throughout the Nordic region.

Nordisk Film Shortcut is a Scandinavian post-production company with 114 staff. The company provides a full range of post-production services. In 2010, the company's turnover in Scandinavia totalled EUR 17.2 million.