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PlayStation Vita fights boredom

With the summer holiday arriving and long tailbacks on the motorways luring behind the corner, Nordisk Film and Sony PlayStation launches a social experiment to reduce the level of boredom in the Nordic countries.

In a Nordic survey conducted by Respons Analysis for Sony Playstation, 60 pct. of all Norwegians between the ages of 16 and 40 state that they are bored in their everyday life.

"We don't want half of the population to be bored with so much fun to do. So we have launched the PlayStation Vita Anti Boredom experiment to reduce boredom in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden," says Nordic PR manager for Sony Playstation, Marius Steen.

The PlayStation Vita Anti Boredom campaign is a social experiment where people from all over the Nordic countries can help each other in reducing boredom.

"We know that four out of five young people surf on Facebook when they have nothing else to do. Therefore, we have created a boredom universe on Facebook and mobile platforms where you can share your video tips to reframe a potential boring situation," continues Marius Steen.

The five month old handheld gaming device PlayStation Vita is the campaign trigger. 7 out of 10 state that they would like more fun breaks in their day and that games are one of the preferred fun activities. "In reality, the PlayStation Vita is a PS3 that you can take wherever you go. This opens up for a new range of games and play. But in Nordisk Film we recognize that we cannot kill boredom on our own. We need help to create more fun in the Nordic countries.

The most boring situations

Queues are the favorite hate activity of young people in the Nordic countries. It is exactly situations like these, that the campaign and the PlayStation Vita is trying to make more fun.

"We have to make it fun waiting for the bus", says Marius Steen.