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Seal Force – New mobile game from Nordisk Film Games Publishing

Nordisk Film Games Publishing has launched a new mobile game for AppStore and Android Market. Seal Force is developed by the Danish studio Tactile Entertainment, which has specialized in games for smartphones

Seal Force is a spoof of US Navy Seals, where three command seals Sarge, Fonzie and Milo are heroes of the sea. The super villain Krillian is trying to take over the power of the ocean, poisoning the oceans food chain from the bottom. The mission for the Seal Force is clear: Remove all infected krill and fight Krillian before he manages to accomplish his vicious plan.

"We have decided to launch Seal Force as a freemium game, which means that the game can be downloaded for free in order to achieve a broad penetration. Players can buy 'shells' in the game – a so called In-App Purchase – which makes it faster and easier to carry out missions. In a short time the freemium model has become the most successful within mobile games and the last figures show that around 2/3 of all revenue, generated by the top 100 games in the AppStore, now comes from freemium games", says Christian Noer, Nordic Marketing Manager.

To introduce the story and the characters in the game, Tactile Entertainment has produced an animated video trailer. It is designed as a karaoke music video to stand out from other traditional game trailers.