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The Nordisk Film Award goes to Omar Shargawi

Wednesday evening, the Nordisk Film Award was given to film director Omar Shargawi. Together with the honour he receives a prize amount of 106,000 DKK.

Since 2010 the award committee has focused on young talent rather than more established artists, making it the most important talent award in the Danish film industry. In 2010 the Nordisk Film Award was given to film director Michael Noer and Scriptwriter Tobias Lindholm. In 2011 the screenwriter Anders F. August received the award. This year the choice of the award committee was the Danish-Palestinian film director Omar Shargawi (b. 1974). In 2008 Omar Shargawi had his debut as film director with "Gå med fred, Jamil", a film about the conflict between Sunni- and Shia Muslims. This was followed up by two powerful documentaries "Fra Haifa til Nørrebro" in 2009, based on his own journey from Palestine to Denmark - and last year by "½ Revolution", based on his own experiences in Cairo when the revolution broke out.

Thomas Heinesen, chairman of the award committee, opened his motivational speech with the following words:

"Omar Shargawi does not have a film background, and perhaps that is why he dares to ignore traditional conventions in his work. He is not afraid of creating images that are forceful in their expressions, and his movies are at the same time modern and classic – dealing with universal themes."

The concluding remarks of the speech were:

"He holds a major cinematic talent. He also has the inner necessity and drive to tell his personal stories. We look forward to seeing more from his work in the years to come. Congratulations. "

The Nordisk Film Award is an award given for remarkable work on behalf of Danish film or television. The Nordisk Film Award was founded in 1996. From 2010 the award is given to new talent who has contributed in an extraordinary way to the Danish media environment. The prize amount consists of DDK 1.000 multiplied with the age of Nordisk Film. In 2012, the award consequently amounts to DKK 106,000.