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Zentropa and Nordisk Film to produce adaption of international bestseller THE LONG SHIPS

Production powerhouses Zentropa and Nordisk Film join forces in what is to be the most ambitious Scandinavian viking project to date; the adaption of international bestseller THE LONG SHIPS from 1945 (original title: RÖDE ORM).

Written by: Alexandra Emilia Kida / TrustNordisk

Translated into 24 languages, the novel by Swedish author Frans Gunnar Bengtsson tells the adventurous tale of one of the most heroic figures during the 10th century, Red Orm, who embarks on a journey that ends up changing the course of history.

Producers are Peter Aalbæk Jensen, CEO of Zentropa and Sisse Graum Jørgensen whose track record as a producer lists the worldwide acclaimed IN A BETTER WORLD (Bier, 2010), THE HUNT (Vinterberg, 2012) as well as upcoming THE SALVATION (Levring, 2013), which is currently being presold at this year’s Cannes Market.
Executive producer on the project is Lone Korslund from Nordisk Film who has previously been involved in Scandinavian high profile projects and attached as executive producer on films such as the Millennium-trilogy (2009) based on the bestsellers by Stieg Larsson, the Norwegian films HEADHUNTERS (2010) and KON-TIKI (2012) and as co-producer on the films in the EASY MONEY-trilogy (2008, 2010 and 2012) based on the bestsellers by Jens Lapidus.

Peter Aalbæk Jensen about producing a project that digs deep into the action packed era of the vikings: “Many have tried – we will do it!”

Producers Sisse Graum Jørgensen and Peter Aalbæk Jensen have started looking for finance. Director and screenplay writer are under negotiations.