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Lecture on Ole Olsen and Nordisk Film

From extreme poverty to extreme wealth. Lecture on the man behind Nordisk Film. 

  • Ole Olsen on set. Photo: Nordisk Film

    Ole Olsen on set. Photo: Nordisk Film

Grab the unique opportunity to learn more about the founder of Nordisk Film Ole Olsen and book a lecture on a location of your choosing in Denmark.

The life of Ole Olsen began in extreme poverty and ended up in extreme wealth because he managed to turn Nordisk Film into a World Company in the early 1900s. Ole Olsen's trajectory was dramatic and amazing and this lecture is a unique opportunity to get the whole story of the man behind the red buildings on Mosedalvej in Valby.

The lecture is linked with a subsequent tour of the historical and atmospheric surroundings at Nordisk Film in Valby. Here you will experience the studios and Kinografen, our very own movietheater, where you will see the most famous of the early films in the history of Nordisk Film and Ole Olsen: "The Lion Hunt".

It is recommended to book the tour of Nordisk Film a week after the lecture and the tour is not included in the price of the lecture.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 2000 DKR. + transport (outside the metropolitan area)

Duration: 1½ hour
Price: 125 DKR. per person

The lecture and the tour will be conducted by Nalle Hansen, who has worked as a sound engineer at Nordisk Film in 35 years.

Both the lecture and the tour must be booked through Nalle Hansen on mail: nalle@fehrend.dk or cellphone: +45 29 48 03 20.

The date and time is optional, unless we are already booked.