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Nordisk Film: 'Behind the Curtain' Tour

Get behind the scenes at Nordisk Film the worlds oldest and continuesly active film company! 

  • Under The Sand part of the Nordisk Film: 'Behind the Curtain' Tour

    Under The Sand part of the Nordisk Film: 'Behind the Curtain' Tour

How much do you know about Danish film history, a lot or not so much? Either way, you can learn a lot more about this intersting topic when we invite you to join one of our historical 'Behind the Curtain' tours at Nordisk Film.

We guarantee 75 minutes of entertainment filled with fantastic stories about colorful film productions and whimsical film tricks told by our dedicated guides. 

Explore the film city behind the closed scene doors that holds everything from daring jungle adventures, royal smoking sheds and mysterious murder riddles.

Visit our old scenes which have hosted some of the most popular Danish TV-shows through time and experience and learn all about Nordisk Film's up's and down's in their - more than a 100 year old - reign as a world known movie company. 

Give your family, friends, coworkers or school class a great experience when we guide you through a historic journey of the Danish film favourites.

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