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The Olsen Gang Exhibition 2019

2018 marked the 50th anniversary of the most beloved fictitious gang of criminals introduction to Denmark: The Olsen Gang. And now the exhibition has been extended to July 2019! 

  • Foto: Jess Bang, Starfighters

    Foto: Jess Bang, Starfighters

Nordisk Film celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Olsen Gang with the most captivating exhibit to date! From january to July 2019 you will have the opportunity to experience the exclusive "The Olsen Gang Special Exhibition" at Nordisk Film's historic Stage 4 - the legendary stage where almost every "Olsen Gang" movie was made from '68-’98.

The exhibit will show brand new-yet very familiar- movie sets from the popular franchise - for example the German bunker from Jutland, Yvonnes cozy living room, and the pompous office of CEO Hallandsen. The exhibition also displays more than 250. original movie props and costumes from the franchise including many never-before-seen items!

As a visitor you will furthermore get an unique insight into the origin of some of the most iconic and memorable scenes from this franchise through exclusive production stills, while our staff gossip on the behind-the-scene stories and funny anecdotes from the last 50 years with "The Olsen Gang".

There will be guides present at the exhibit who can help you with questions, but if you are a group of 10 people or more and want the full Olsen Gang experience we recommend booking a guided tour.

Buy tickets and read more about opening hours here.