Matilda Appelin

Matilda Appelin Production


Matilda Appelin is a Danish/Swedish producer who works together with both established and new talents. Her work spans from low-budget films to international feature films and tv-series.

  • 2019 A perfectly normal family (producer)
    Director: Malou Reymann
  • 2019 Charter (co-producer)
    Director: Amanda Kernell
  • 2019 Queen of hearts (associate producer)
    Director: May el-Toukhy, 2019
  • 2018 Before the frost (producer)
    Director: Michael Noer
  • 2018 Blind Spot (co-producer)
    Director: Tuva Novotny
  • 2018 Becoming Astrid (assistant producer)
    Director: Pernille Fisher Christensen
  • 2016 The Reunion 3 (assistant producer)
    Director: Birger Larsen 
  • 2016 Sami Blood (producer’s assistant)
    Director: Amanda Kernell
  • 2016 Al Medina (producer’s assistant)
    Director: Omar Shargawi 
  • 2015 A war (producer’s assistant)
    Director: Tobias Lindholm 
  • 2015 Key, House, Mirror (producer’s assistant)
    Director: Michael Noer 
  • 2015 April 9th (producer’s assistant)
    Director: Roni Ezra 
  • 2014 The Reunion 2 (producer’s assistant)
    Director: Mikkel Serup
  • 2013 Northwest (producer’s assistant)
    Director: Michael Noer
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