Nordisk Film Employee Handbook Highlights

Stories are the essence of everything we do at Nordisk Film and Egmont. It is our promise to the outside world. In brief: We bring stories to life.

Our values and mission

Egmont’s vision is to be the most attractive media concern for employees, business partners and consumers. At Nordisk Film we have interpreted this as the desire to be the Nordic countries’ leading provider of entertainment within film and games among others. We are a company with far-reaching historical roots and a strong culture, but at the same time we are a company that is rapidly heading to the future and always at the forefront of development. The culture at Nordisk Film is fundamentally based on mutual respect. We do everything we can in order to create an attractive and flexible work environment with development opportunities and work-life balance. 

The shared values in Egmont and Nordisk Film is inclusiveness, passionate and ambitious.


Every month the HR-department at Nordisk Film arrange a tour for all new employees. On the tour you will receive practical information about the area as well as the opportunity to learn about the different business units. 

In addition, you will be invited to an introduction day for all new Egmont employees, which is held 2-3 times a year. During the introduction day, you will gain deeper knowledge about Egmont, the foundation, Egmont Publishing and Nordisk Film as well as hear CEO Steffen Kragh talk about where Egmont is today. 

Feedback - Performance 

Together with your manager, you are both responsible for the development in your job. We want to make sure you can ask questions and give your honest feedback to your manager. Performance Dialogue is a framework for a continuous dialogue between you and your manager. The framework consists of a model in which four essential questions are important for you:  

Purpose: Why is my job important│Direction: What am I responsible for│Feedback: How do I perform│Growth: How can I develop. 

Egmont People Survey

People Survey is Nordisk Film’s employee survey, which continuously measures you and your colleague’s satisfaction in several areas of your work such as corporate management, immediate manager as well as professional and personal development. 

Employee benefit

Massage: Nordisk Film offers a massage scheme through a gross salary deduction scheme, which runs for a year and registration happens twice a year. For questions, contact  

Employee Clubs: Egmont Art Club and Bjørnebanden are both employee clubs that arranges different events and is a great opportunity for you to get to know colleagues outside your department. You can join the clubs by filling in a self-service form in PeoplePlace. To be a member of Egmont Art Club you pay DDK 275 per year, and Bjørnebanden charge you DDK 30 per month. 

Magazines: Every week, magazines are delivered to the reception at Nordisk Film. Contact Randi Jensen or the reception at ShortCut. 

Cinema card: Permanent employees at Nordisk Film may, after three-months employment, receive an electronic cinema card for Nordisk Film Cinemas. 

Furthermore, there is also possibilities regarding computer glasses, DSB commuter pass and dry cleaning service, discounts and Egmont Merchandise.

Pay and Pension

Nordisk Film offers salaries equivalent to the market, but does not take a market leading position.  It is our ambition that employees are satisfied with their jobs and motivated by the job content, good management and being part of an exciting media company. 
If you have questions regarding your payslip, please contact Azets. Contact information is found on your payslip. 

As a Nordisk Film employee, you join a pension scheme with the possibility of a good return on your savings, so you are well off financially when entering retirement. Through the pension scheme you are covered by PFA health insurance and access to PFA health line. We highly recommend that you book a meeting with a PFA advisor immediately after you have started. Book the meeting here.

Parental leave

If you are a mother or a father to-be, you or your manager must inform HR of the date you intend to start and end your maternity / paternity leave. HR will contact Azets, who handles everything regarding pay and maternity parental leave.

Internal platforms and communication

Workplace is Nordisk Film's tool for internal communication that most employees have access to. 
On Insight 365 you find shortcuts and information about the organization as well as IT tools and much more.
PeoplePlace is Egmont’s employee system, where you can find your documents, personal information and self-service forms.