Ove Sprogøe Prisen

Ove Sprogøe Prisen is awarded annually and is given to a Danish actor or actress for an unusual effort on television, film or theater during the year

Ove Sprogøe Prisen was founded in 2006 by Morten Grunwald and Nordisk Film with the donation of the fees from the authors behind the book "Den fynske vulkan" and Ove Sprogøe's memorial performance.
The price consists of an amount of DKK 50,000. Nordisk Film Fonden has since 2011 donated the award money to continue the price in Ove Sprogøes name.

The price committee consists of 10 people in 2019:

  • Henrik Zein (Chairman)
  • Bent Fabricius Bjerre
  • Jan Lehmann 
  • Henning Sprogøe
  • Katja Holm
  • Kim Skotte
  • Jens Refslund Christensen
  • Tommy Kenter

In the choice of recipients, emphasis is placed on the person having a talent with the potential for the same popular and broad appeal as Ove Sprogøe.

Earlier Ove Sprogøe Prisen was awarded in connection with Ove Sprogøe's birthday on December 21, but from 2017 Ove Sprogøe Prisen has been part of ISBJØRNEN, Nordisk Film Fondens honorary award show.

Former recipients of Ove Sprogøe Prisen

2018 - Katrine Greis-Rosenthal
2017 - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
2016 - Johanne Louise Schmidt
2015 - Ulrich Thomsen
2014 - Danica Curcic
2013 - Mia Lyhne
2012 - Pilou Asbæk
2011– Nikolaj Lie Cheese
2010 - Cecilie Stenspil
2009 - Signe Egholm Olsen
2008 - Lene Maria Christensen
2007 - Nicolaj Copernicus
2006 - Niels Ellegaard