The Tunnel

TV 2 forge deal with Nordisk Film and strengthens its streaming service


Norwegian TV 2 will strengthen its streaming service TV 2 Sumo through a strategic partnership with Nordisk Film.

The long-term collaboration comprises Norwegian and international films, a brand-new children’s universe "Oiii" with original Norwegian series, and Nordisk Film’s own film service Nordisk Film+.

"With all top titles from Nordisk Film and a broad film offering with Nordisk Film+, TV 2 Sumo will be the natural first choice for all those viewers seeking Norwegian and international quality movies", says TV 2’s CEO, Olav T. Sandnes. 

As of December and onwards, TV 2 Sumo’s users can look forward to many Norwegian and international films being available. New films will have streaming premiere on TV 2 Sumo after they have been playing in the cinemas and have been available as digital buy and digital rent. Among the coming movies are Norwegian thriller "The Tunnel" and the epic Oscar-contender "1917". 

"Oiii", a brand-new children’s universe where the family’s youngest will have easy access to Norwegian quality content, is also part of the deal. 

“It is important for TV 2 that we are an alternative to state-owned NRK and the global players also when it comes to children’s content”, says Olav T. Sandnes. 

The collaboration between TV 2 and Nordisk Film ensures a continued solid financing of Norwegian films and a wide distribution to the Norwegian viewers. 

”With this deal, TV 2 makes an important bet on Norwegian films. In Nordisk Film Distribution, our ambition is to be the leading distribution partner within films and TV series across the Nordics. The deal generates income to Norwegian films and to the many local producers working hard to make grand, gripping and original Norwegian stories”, says Morten Christoffersen, Head of Nordisk Film Distribution in Norway.