Virtual production and how it's transforming the film industry


Virtual production is revolutionizing the film industry and changing century-old production processes as new technologies enable filmmakers to see the impact of creative decisions at the speed of thought. Join us for PICTURE THIS_19, October 1, 2019, in Copenhagen and learn from industry frontrunners why 'virtual production' is not a buzzword.

Virtual production is the cross section between physical and digital worlds. Virtual production lets directors work on a physical stage but use real-time technology to view and interact with virtual environments and characters. In contrast to traditional production techniques, it encourages a non-linear and more collaborative process. It allows the filmmakers to collaboratively iterate on visual details in the moment, not deferring creative decisions to post (source: Epic Games, 2019).

One of the experts spearheading this production technique is this year’s opening keynote speaker Kerry Shea, Head of Studio for Technicolor Pre-Production Services in LA. Kerry Shea also oversees Technicolor’s global Virtual Production team that serves the international movie industry by bringing the visions of some the world’s most creative filmmakers like Tim Burton, Jon Favreau and Denis Villeneuve to life.

Over the last 20+ years, Kerry Shea has been a visionary in the world of virtual production, laying the groundwork for A-list filmmakers with key executive positions at frontier players such as Method Studios, The Third Floor, Digital Domain, Jim Henson Company, Dreamworks Animation, and Sony Pictures Imageworks. As an industry veteran, Shea has been credited on more than 60 feature films, including recent visual effects stunners The Jungle Book (2016), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) and multiple Marvel movies. 

At PICTURE THIS_19 she will demystify the concept of ‘virtual production’, and how it can benefit both film and tv productions.

An unprecedented level of flexibility, control, and creativity

"Virtual production is currently experiencing a major transformation and rapidly gaining traction for films at all scales, largely thanks to advancements in real-time technology. A complicated scene or even an entire film can be visualized and validated earlier in the production process, which ultimately saves time, money and headaches on set and in post. Becoming familiar with these tools is critical to the future,” says Allan Mathson Hansen, CEO of Nordisk Film on behalf of Nordisk Film Fonden that initiates PICTURE THIS_. 
Digital tools to visualize both the early and final pixels has traditionally been reserved for blockbuster productions, but with visualization software becoming cheap and even free while also becoming more artist-friendly, productions of any size can benefit from virtual production tools.
“Used wisely, these new technologies can emphasize our stories and often enlarge them. They can free our imagination when creating stories and today for a cost which is achievable,” says Thomas Gammeltoft, CEO of the newly formed business alliance Vision Denmark, that organizes PICTURE THIS_19.
“Telling stories in a digital world demands for us in the industry that we are always on top of the latest technical digital options that can serve us in telling stories and capture our audience on all screens,” he says.
More speakers will be revealed in the following months at picturethisconference.com.

Date: October 1, 2019.
Venue: The National Film School of Denmark, Theodor Christensens Pl. 1, 1437 København.

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