We are constantly growing the cinema experience in Scandinavia offering an attractive out-of-home experience and at the same time also being in the forefront when it comes to digital advertisement in cinemas.

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Films & Series

Nordisk Film is involved in more than 50 feature films opening in Nordic cinemas every year, we produce series for broadcasters in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and we are a trustworthy production and distribution partner with a strong legacy.

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The gaming industry is recording high growth rates making gaming a strong entertainment category. Nordisk Film is involved in a range of business activities within this area – from games development and distribution of consoles and interactive games to esports.

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Gifting solutions

GoGift is Scandinavia’s leading gift supplier and largest gift card provider. We specialize in gift solutions and have for more than 15 years helped both companies and individuals find gifts for every occasion.

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About us

We produce and market award winning films and series, operate cinema chains in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, produce games through a number of game studios, distribute PlayStation in the Nordic and Baltic countries and develop global digital gifting solutions.

Nordisk Film was founded in 1906 in Valby, just outside Copenhagen, by entrepreneur Ole Olsen and is one of the world’s first film companies. We still have our headquarters on the Valby lot where you will also find the world’s oldest still standing film studio building. 

Since our foundation we have created a raft of popular film successes and incubated many of the talents who have made their mark in both Denmark and internationally. 

In 1992, Nordisk Film became part of Egmont, a Nordic media group and foundation with a dual purpose: to develop media and to help children and young people at risk.

Within recent years we have seen high growth rates. In just over five years our revenues have increased with nearly 40%, and our activities now span much wider than the film business that was our starting point. Today, Nordisk Film is among the leading entertainment companies in the Nordics involved in film and series production and distribution, cinemas, computer games, digital gifting and digital advertising.

Egmont HQ

Part of Egmont

Egmont is a leading Nordic media group focused on storytelling, journalism, and technology. We create content across media, such as films, TV, cinemas, computergames, magazines, books, education, e-commerce, and agencies. Egmont is also behind Story House Egmont, TV 2 in Norway, Lindhardt & Ringhof and Cappelen Damm. Egmont is a foundation that donates approx.100 million DKK every year to support children and young people at risk. We bring stories to life.

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Hands shaping a heart

Do well. Do good.

Egmont is a foundation with a dual purpose: to develop media and to support children and young people at risk. All profits from our media companies are reinvested or used to help children and young people in Scandinavia get an education and a good life. In 2022, Egmont had charitable activities of approx. 100 million DKK in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

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Zenos Angelo-James Karagas

Zenos Angelo-James Karagas, Customer Experience Manager, Nordisk Film Biografer

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Career_employee story_Chloe Olivia Bigandt_NF_Nordisk Film

Chloé Olivia Bigandt, Technical Product Manager, Nordisk Film Cinemas

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Trin Hjortkjær Thomsen

Trin Hjortkjær Thomsen, Producer, Nordisk Film Production

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