Copenhagen Airports creates one of the world’s most heavily digital advertising markets


Copenhagen Airports has partnered with Dansk Reklame Film in a venture to create one of the world's most extensively digital advertising markets in an airport. Constantly adapted messages will be displayed on more than 400 digital screens to the more than 24 million passengers who use the airport every year.

Today Copenhagen Airports signed a contract running into triple million figures with Dansk Reklame Film. To run for a five-year term starting on 1 January 2015, the contract will enable Copenhagen Airports to move its considerable advertising media market into a digital future in partnership with the Egmont/Nordisk Film-owned Dansk Reklame Film. Together, the partners will digitise almost all advertising media at the airport to create one of the world’s most digitised airport-based advertising markets. Passengers are exposed to the advertising messages more than a billion times a year.

‘We selected Dansk Reklame Film because they provide the best fit with our vision and strategy. Together we aim to create an attractive, innovative advertising platform that will underpin the airport’s continued growth and exploit the new opportunities digitisation affords for meeting the needs of passengers and advertisers. We must join forces to embrace the media options available today as well as those that will emerge in future,’ says Lise Ryevad, Director, Airport Sales, Copenhagen Airports.

Less advertising noise
All indoor advertising will be digital, and passengers will encounter far more moving images and more relevant advertising messages. Advertisers will be able to narrowly target their advertising campaigns at the various types of travellers.
‘We will be able to customise the ads to the exact period of time when relevant passenger target groups are passing through a given area of the airport. Individual passengers will experience more relevance and less extraneous advertising as they move through the airport. That will help make the airport more harmonious,’ Lise Ryevad explains. She continues:

‘We can document the impact of how many people we reach in the target group, a vital parameter, particularly for attracting the campaign interest of media agencies. Digitisation will also make us more interesting to B2C customers, because they will be able to buy shorter, more tactical campaigns with faster production time and lower production costs than analogue productions.’

Vision: Global leaders in the advertising media market
Dansk Reklame Film’s managing director, Claus Brix wants to create a world-leading advertising market at the airport.
‘Our vision is to create one of the world’s leading digital media platforms in an airport. A media platform that is right not only for today, but also for tomorrow. We want to reform and change the way people currently think about and buy advertising, and thus ensure this medium a future in the digital world. That is the path to growth,’ he says, adding:

‘The initiative will deploy all the creative, flexible advantages and user involvement of digital media, such as direct user interaction and new, swift campaign documentation via technologies that can count the number of people who see an advertising message.’

Dansk Reklame Film – part of Egmont, Denmark’s largest media concern – will establish an independent sales organisation, Airmagine, to handle airport advertising sales. The digitisation of Danish cinemas has given Dansk Reklame Film extensive experience in digitising advertising platforms. Dansk Reklame Film sells and distributes cinema commercials in Denmark through a nationwide network of 47 cinemas housing a total of 205 theatres. Dansk Reklame Film has recorded growth rates exceeding 15% this year in a generally declining media market.

Paw Saxgren, managing director of the media agency GroupM One, is excited about the better opportunities for advertisers.
‘A cinema medium taking over an outdoor medium says everything about how media digitisation is breaking down traditional barriers. Every time we see an offline medium go digital, we look forward to the wealth of opportunities that gives our advertisers. The flexibility of digitisation allows us to use adaptive marketing in the media channel, thus making ads more relevant for the consumer. This potential will now be available to Copenhagen Airports, and that’s an exciting prospect,’ he says.

The media agency Omnicom Media Group predicts that digital advertising media in the airport will rekindle and increase interest from advertisers.
‘Media digitisation at the airport holds great potential for advertisers and their communication. I am thinking in particular about being able to more accurately target messages and design creative material to boost the effect of communication. In the long term, this should increase the level of advertising activity at the airport,’ says Claes Braagaard, Nordic Trading Director, Omnicom.

For further information please contact:
Lea Holm, CSR and Communications Advisor, Copenhagen Airports, tel.: +45 28 72 95 78
Claus Brix, Managing Director, Dansk Reklame Film, tel.: +45 40 50 55 66