Twin stills fra Unstad

Engelskmennene elsker Twin


Twin høster svært gode kritikker etter premieren på BBC Four.

By Rachel Cooke, Newstatesman 1/4/20:

But you don’t need to be borderline-obsessed with the particular creepiness that comes with identity theft to find the new Norwegian drama Twin (4 April, 9pm) addictive. Oh, the look of the thing!

Les hele anmeldelsen her.


By Anita Singh, The Telegraph 4/4/20

This Norwegian imposter drama may become your new favourite foreign series.

Les anmeldelsen her.


By David Butcher, RadioTimes 4/4/20

It’s powerful stuff and, as with the best Nordic noir, the setting is a key contributor: the wildly beautiful mountains and fjords of the Lofoten archipelago are quite something.

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By Carole Midgley, The Times 6/4/20:

Twin is shaping up to be a rather compelling study of human nature and deceit set against the spectacular fjords. 

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