Full line-up announced for PICTURE THIS_17


How can integrating new technology in feature film production help increase creativity, enhance the film narrative and streamline film production?

At the conference PICTURE THIS_17, innovative filmmakers, technology and industry experts from around the world will share their experiences with pushing the limits of film technology, showcasing works-in-progress, case studies and technological tools and discussing creative collaborations and workflows.

Audiences will also get the opportunity to see the inventions and technologies up close in the expo area, where there will be showcases of groundbreaking motion capture technology, the mixed reality headset Microsoft HoloLens, HDR content and VR experiences. 

Alex McDowell on ‘World Building’ for the digital screen

Headlining the line-up, visionary production and narrative designer Alex McDowell will speak about “Art, Science and Fiction - Design Processes for 21st Century Storytelling”. McDowell works at the intersection of design, technology and storytelling. In his work, he integrates digital technology and traditional design technique. 

Creating the physical world surrounding a film story involves not just design but also in-depth research, problem-solving and high level technical insight. As a creative process of visualizing and physically developing an environment, it becomes a key element of the storytelling process. 

Alex McDowell is creative director at experimental.design and teaches world building as a disruptive 21st Century design practice at USC. He has over 35 years of experience as production designer and has collaborated with directors including David Fincher, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, Anthony Minghella, Zach Snyder, and Colin Trevorrow.  

Full line-up

The other speakers at PICTURE THIS_17 are:

  • Sophie Bech, Head of Experiences of Rokoko, on the Smartsuit Pro and the future of motion capture technology

  • Director Max Kestner and VFX supervisor Martin Madsen on their visual collaboration in the early development of the upcoming Danish sci-fi drama "Man Divided" 

  • Allan Lückow, previs specialist and CEO of MoCopenhagen, on the practical use of onset visualization and virtual production 

  • Cinematographer Rolf Coulanges on the quality of the digital image

  • Jan Fröhlich, Senior Image scientist at ARRI, on the High Dynamic Range format (HDR) 

  • Producer Silvia Rasheva and director Veselin Efremov of Unity Technologies on the revolutionary employment of game technology in film production, using the real-time rendered short animation "Adam" as a case study

  • Amaury La Burthe, CEO of AudioGaming, on creating a virtual experience with the award-winning virtual reality project "Notes on Blindness : Into Darkness"

  • Analyst Peter Buckingham of SampoMedia on the changing cinema landscape and the challenges for independent cinema 


In between the sessions, there will be demonstrations of the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro, HDR-content and the Microsoft HoloLens, a newly launched Mixed Reality headset mixing software with the real world, thus allowing the user to project holographic applications into their environment. Using the latest Gear VR headsets, the newly inaugurated S.M.I.L.E Lab will screen the award-winning VR experience "Notes on Blindness : Into Darkness". The audience will also get a chance to visit the installation "Separate Silences", a two-person hybrid cinematic virtual reality experience. 

Practical information

PICTURE THIS_17 takes place on Thursday, March 30th, 2017

9AM to 6PM

Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, 1123 København K.

Please read more and register here https://picturethisconference.com

Contact: Project manager Mariann Nederby // mariann@filmworkshop.dk // +45 7199 3376

PICTURE THIS_17 is initiated and funded by the NORDISK FILM FOUNDATION and organized by FILMWORKSHOP/COPENHAGEN in collaboration with Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Danmark, Copenhagen Film Fund, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation – KADK, The National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment – DADIU, Danish Association of Cinematographers – DFF and the Samsung Media Innovation Lab for Education (S.M.I.L.E) at Medialogy, Aalborg University, Copenhagen.