Germans love the Olsen Gang


The iconic Olsen Gang tour will be held in German every afternoon on weekdays throughout the summer at Nordisk Film.

For more than 20 years, German people have come to the reception desk here at Nordisk Film, enquiring about an Olsen Gang tour in German. From the beginning of June until the end of August we are able to meet their wishes.

Entertainment is our game and we’re now able to add an Olsen Gang tour dedicated to Germans through the summer”, says Mica Stolze Nielsen, in charge of the tours.

The German and especially East German interest in the Olsen Gang stems from the times, where East Germany had a lot of restrictions on everything, including what could be shown on television. The Olsen Gang was allowed due to its ever-recurring theme ‘down with capitalism’. It is very tangible that the story about the little man sticking up for himself against the system could be very appealing to a person living under the restrictive rule of East Germany.

We will be hosting the German tours from Monday through to Friday from 14.00 to 16.00 and you are more than welcome to come join us. Questions or enquiries can be directed to Nordisk Film Tour and you can read more about the Olsen Gang tour here.

The German Olsen Gang tour has become possible because of a collaboration with Scandlines who will offer their clients a 20 % discount on different cultural activities including the Olsen Gang tour. Hence we are looking forward to welcome our German guests and give them a great tour around our beautiful property here in Valby.