LAND OF MINE will launch on the American continent


New Danish Film guaranteed American launch.

Several months before Martin Zandvliet’s new Danish drama UNDER SANDET (international title: LAND OF MINE) will be released in Danish theatres, the film has already attracted considerable international attention, becoming the talk-of-the-town amongst audiences, film critics and major international film distributors at the Toronto Film Festival where the film received its world premiere last week.
The film, which took audiences and international film critics by storm during the week-long festival, played to capacity audiences in Toronto’s cinemas. It received overwhelmingly enthusiastic reviews in influential international film magazines. So much so that interest in buying the film has been phenomenal.
“Over the past three days, we have been negotiating with the biggest American distributors, and tonight, we signed a contract with the prestigious and highly influential Sony Pictures Classics, which has bought distribution rights for the American and Latin American markets.
“It isn’t just the Americans and Canadians who are crazy about LAND OF MINE. Film distributors from the rest of the world have also been queuing up to acquire the rights. Only yesterday, we signed contracts for distribution in such distant countries as Australia, Japan and the Middle East. However, the contract with Sony Pictures Classics gives the film a serious, top major league position, guaranteeing the best imaginable opportunities for a major launch on the American continent. This is a huge breakthrough for Martin Zandvliet as a director, and there is no doubt that LAND OF MINE is already a success before it has even hit Danish cinemas. To get a giant like Sony Pictures Classics to take such a high stake on securing a foreign film so much exposure and presence in the American film market is like ushering a camel through the eye of a needle. It is of invaluable significance, not only to us here and now, but also for Danish films in the future,” says the film’s producer Mikael Rieks from Nordisk Film Production. He also expects further interest after the film magazine Hollywood Reporter yesterday proclaimed that LAND OF MINE was the most interesting foreign film in the festival’s comprehensive programme: “a moving anti-war essay and a gripping thriller”.
The enthusiasm of other film critics in international magazines has also been huge:

  • NY Observer: “This is a truly wonderful film, so carefully made, full of humanity and very suspenseful”
  • Variety: “Really beautiful film, a powerful perfect story”
  • Empire Magazine: “Blown away by this powerful film”