Martin Zandvliet receives the Carl Th. Dreyer Award 2016


Land of Mine director receives prestigious film award.

Martin Zandvliet, director and scriptwriter of Land of Mine, receives the Carl Th. Dreyer Award 2016.

Carl Th. Dreyer Mindefond gives the award to "primarily younger film directors or other artists within the film industry as a recognition of the outstanding artistic effort".

Land of Mine, produced by Nordisk Film Production, has gained great international attention.
The film has recently received two awards at the Belgian film festival RamDam.
Martin Zandvliet is also behind the films "A Funny Man" (2011) and "Applause" (2009)
The Carl Th. Dreyer Award is handed out February 3rd in Cinematektet.

The award prize is DKK 75.000.